Life Lessons

The Emotion Code

This past week I’ve been noticing that many of us are going through some big shifts and changes in our internal world that may be influencing our external world in our day to day interactions. By our internal world I mean in our feelings, emotional state, mental state and belief systems. We are questioning more…

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Have A Lovely Day

You do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ to make a difference or add value to your sense of worth. What does it mean to be the greatest version of yourself? Can we cultivate our life to not only include but embrace ‘small steps’ that lead to greater happiness and kindness on a daily basis?…

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Sport Is More Than A Game

The AFL season is around the corner and, having lived and breathed football for nearly 25 years, I can feel the anticipation in the air around Melbourne. The pre-season competition has begun, and talk in the cafes is once again focused around how well the team will go. Being married to an ex-professional AFL player…

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