Meditation Audios


Presence to Power

Bundle includes the following audios:
1. Reconnecting to your Heart
2. Love is the All
3. Deep Relaxation
4. Trust the Wisdom Within
5. Sanctuary Meditation
6. The Gift Meditation Audio

The Gift: Presence to Power

Ideal for the student, the athlete, the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the CEO, the lawyer, the accountant, the best friend… The Gift: Presence to Power is a blueprint for anyone who is looking to find ways to relax, reconnect and empower their lives.


The Gift Meditation

The Gift Meditation is an easy 10-minute guided meditation that is designed to foster deeper relaxation through a focus on breath awareness. The soothing sounds of the ebow accompany the listener on their inward journey to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Sanctuary Meditation

The Sanctuary Meditation is a 20-minute guided meditation that focuses on deep relaxation. Accompanied by angelic tones this meditation relaxes the body and quiets the mind. Perfect for anyone wishing to find more peace, relaxation and contentment.

Reconnecting to your Heart

The following 20-minute guided meditation takes you on a journey of reconnecting to your heart. Listening to soothing tones you will gently be prompted back to your own internal rhythm. Ideal for anyone wishing to feel peace, strength and connection ~ allow yourself to listen to your hearts messages.

Love is the All

The Love is the All is a 20-minute guided meditation that reminds you of your connection to Source. Accompanied by the soothing sounds of a gentle rain allow this meditation to guide you deeper into your knowing that Love is the All. This meditation is suitable for anyone desiring to feel more serenity, love and support.

Deep Relaxation

This 20-minute meditation has been designed to take you more fully into a state of deep relaxation through guided visualisation. Experience the freedom and stillness as you delve deeper into this state of being. Perfect for anyone wishing to relax their body and quiet the mind.port.

Trust the Wisdom Within

The following 20-minute guided meditation has been designed to remind you of your innate wisdom within. Accompanied by soothing tones you are taken on a journey of re-remembering how truly powerful you are. Relax and trust the gentle guidance that is being offered for you to connect more fully with your intuition.